We are a young barber company, where the fashion closely followed. The creative team at the fashionable Sherrys Salon
translated into wearable hairstyles, so you get the look that you feel comfortable. The hairdressers and stylists who work
with us all have multiple years of experience in the art and are thus aware of what is hot or not.

A hair care product cannot just be extraordinary. It must let a woman's dream come true, it must satisfy her beauty ideal, it must model perfect hairstyles and conciliate every haircut and hair type, in order to recreate a “diva effect”. This was our starting point with Stylishis. We've paid great attention to all those women who are - all over the world - "style icons", amazing examples of beauty and personality, starting from their trendy.


Not satisfy with a team of simple hairdressers, we got together a multifaceted group of style and fashion experts: researchers who study products' formulations and cooperate with prestigious salon and famous hairdressers; style hunters who concentrate on trendy hairstyles and cuts, fashion and style experts who travel around the world observing the style icons of our times, to discover those women every woman would like to be.